HOW to develop a Gaelic Language Plan

Writing a Gaelic language plan is a challenging but rewarding process. Our role is to guide you through the process and to make your plan not only easier to write, but also easier to implement - and effective in its results. There is a lot to be gained from a well-considered plan that affords respect both to the Gaelic language and its users, and which builds on the unique strengths of your organisation.


Existing Gaelic language plans

Although each plan is unique in terms of requirements from the Bòrd, the authority’s particular functions and the community it serves, it can also be useful to refer to previously agreed Gaelic language plans. Looking at other language plans can be very useful as reference to stimulate ideas that suit your particular circumstances and to explore different ways of implementing your plan.

Explore the list of Gaelic language plans previously approved by the Bòrd.