HOW to develop a Gaelic Language Plan

Writing a Gaelic language plan is a challenging but rewarding process. Our role is to guide you through the process and to make your plan not only easier to write, but also easier to implement - and effective in its results. There is a lot to be gained from a well-considered plan that affords respect both to the Gaelic language and its users, and which builds on the unique strengths of your organisation.


Process of creating a Gaelic language plan

Who should develop the plan and how?

Bòrd na Gàidhlig approaches public authorities in Scotland who have a key role to play in the development of Gaelic - we make this decision based on the extent to which the authority could contribute to the implementation of priority areas of the national plan, the extent to which Gaelic is used in the authority’s areas of operation, the potential for the authority to develop the use of Gaelic, and any representations received by the authority in connection with Gaelic services.

Below is a brief overview of the practical process of creating a Gaelic language plan, highlighting the key steps. More detailed information, including an overview of the statutory requirements for developing Gaelic language plans, is contained within the resources section of this page and it is essential that these resources are consulted before embarking on the process.

Whether you are working on the first, second or third iteration of your plan, you should refer to the following steps:

  1. Take note of the following guidance from the Bòrd:
  2. Internal Audit - evaluate Gaelic provision and resources across your organisation:
    • For all itereations of your plan consider the current status of the language, not only within your organisation but also in the external community that it serves
    • If you are reviewing your plan in preparation for a further iteration you can also evaluate whether you achieved your previous targets and how they will be maintained or built on
  3. Address each of the five key areas as set out in the guidance section, taking into account the individuality of your organisation, from location to activities
  4. Set up targets - be aspirational but realistic and proportionate. Analyse how you intend to implement and achieve these targets
  5. Draft a plan - involve all departments and identify how each would engage with the plan
  6. Cross-check your plan - how does it respond to the National Gaelic Language Plan objectives, the Guidance on Developing Gaelic Language Plan and the high-level aims issued by the Bòrd
  7. Share it - open your plan up to comments and discussion within your organisation and to the public and key stakeholders through a public consultation process
  8. Complete your draft plan and send it to the Bòrd for assessment
  9. Make any necessary amendments and re-submit your draft plan for approval
  10. Once approved, publish and publicise it
  11. Start putting the plan into action

Once your organisation has received notification, you will follow the process on this page in order to write and get approval of your plan.

Throughout this process the Bòrd encourages you to keep in communication with our officers who will provide support as you work through these stages.

Once the plan is approved and published, it will then need to be implemented with that implementation monitored both internally, and externally by the Bòrd.

There is also a requirement to review the plan on a regular basis and no longer than five years after the date it was approved by the Bòrd. The plan must then be submitted for re-assessment and approval with any updated sections contained.