HOW to develop a Gaelic Language Plan

Writing a Gaelic language plan is a challenging but rewarding process. Our role is to guide you through the process and to make your plan not only easier to write, but also easier to implement - and effective in its results. There is a lot to be gained from a well-considered plan that affords respect both to the Gaelic language and its users, and which builds on the unique strengths of your organisation.


Your workplace

Your workplace is indispensable for raising the status of Gaelic and extending its use, whatever the linguistic make-up of the community you serve. However, our expectation for the level of Gaelic services provided will increase as the proportion of Gaelic users increases within the communities you serve, and particularly if it rises to 20% or more.

Work is an important part of our lives and the way we treat Gaelic in the workplace can reflect our attitude towards the language and how we pass this on to our friends and family. Formal support for Gaelic at the workplace also confirms to Gaelic users that their skills are valued and encourages non-Gaelic users to see it as a useful skill to acquire in their professional lives.