How to implement a Gaelic language plan

An effectively written Gaelic language plan enables successful implementation. It is also important to remember that plans will only have a maximum lifespan of five years before they are reviewed. It is crucial that the development of Gaelic within an organisation is seen as a long-term commitment, impacting across all departments, with consecutive reviews of the plan building on previous achievements to reach the long-term goal. This requires leadership, innovation, vision and coordination.


Assess your needs

It is important that an early assessment of the provision of Gaelic across your organisation is made and it is advised that this is done via an internal skills audit, either as a stand alone project or as part of existing mechanisms e.g appraisals or all-staff surveys.  Experience to date has shown that most organisations already employ Gaelic speakers who may be able to deliver some of the services they currently deliver in English or other languages through the medium of Gaelic. These audits also identify where gaps exist in relation to commitments in the plan and should guide recruitment and training requirements. Finally, this has proven to be an excellent method of assessing demand for Gaelic skills training within the workforce.