How to implement a Gaelic language plan

An effectively written Gaelic language plan enables successful implementation. It is also important to remember that plans will only have a maximum lifespan of five years before they are reviewed. It is crucial that the development of Gaelic within an organisation is seen as a long-term commitment, impacting across all departments, with consecutive reviews of the plan building on previous achievements to reach the long-term goal. This requires leadership, innovation, vision and coordination.


Create awareness

Like writing a Gaelic language plan, implementation works in stages and in dialogue. Indeed, implementation will have been addressed already in the writing process as a part of the document itself.

For many public authorities the preparation of a Gaelic language plan will be the first time that they have considered Gaelic as part of their operations. This is why delivering Gaelic awareness training is a helpful and even essential way of fostering the confidence and understanding needed to take the process forward. It is recommended that Gaelic awareness training be delivered, particularly at senior management and board level, at an early stage in the development and implementation of your plan. Bòrd na Gàidhlig works with Clì Gàidhlig in delivering Gaelic Awareness training sessions and more information on this can be found in the resources section of this page.