How to implement a Gaelic language plan

An effectively written Gaelic language plan enables successful implementation. It is also important to remember that plans will only have a maximum lifespan of five years before they are reviewed. It is crucial that the development of Gaelic within an organisation is seen as a long-term commitment, impacting across all departments, with consecutive reviews of the plan building on previous achievements to reach the long-term goal. This requires leadership, innovation, vision and coordination.


Publicise and promote the plan

Once a Gaelic language plan has been approved by the Bòrd it is vital that people know about it, both within and outwith your organisation. These are the key distribution methods that should be used to publicise the plan:

  • publishing it bilingually on your website and social media
  • issuing a press release announcing the plan
  • making copies of the plan available in your public offices and reception areas
  • making the plan known to employees via your intranet
  • distributing copies of the plan to non-departmental public bodies and agencies, agents and contractors
  • distributing copies of the plan to Gaelic organisations
  • distributing copies of the plan to other interested bodies
  • making copies available on request
  • continue to publicise the plan throughout its lifespan, within and outwith your organisation