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The statutory process for developing a Gaelic language plan


High-level aims are agreed by the Bòrd in communication with the public authority

High-level aims are submitted to the Minister for approval

A letter is sent to the authority, informing it that it will shortly receive notification of the requirement to develop a Gaelic Language Plan (GLP).

Notification and development

Formal notification is sent to the authority. This informs the authority of its high-level aims, the statutory date for submission of the plan to the Bòrd, information about the statutory process and requirements of the Act, as well as the Language Plans Officer at the Bòrd who will be the authority’s main point of contact.

The authority develops its draft plan, maintaining communication with the Bòrd’s officer.

As part of this development the authority must carry out a public consultation of between six and twelve weeks on the contents of the draft plan.

The draft plan is submitted to the Bòrd.

An initial assessment of the plan is carried out by the Bòrd officers.

The assessment document is submitted to Pannal nam Planaichean Gàidhlig (the Gaelic Plans Panel) for discussion and agreement.

The agreed assessment document is sent to the authority and the officer contacts the authority to discuss any queries and provide guidance regarding next steps.

Once agreement is reached regarding any recommended changes made by the Bòrd the draft plan is re-submitted by the authority to the Bòrd with any changes made.

The plan is submitted to the full Bòrd with a recommendation from the Pannal that it is formally approved.

Approval, publication and promotion

When the Bòrd approves the plan, a letter of approval is sent to the authority containing the date of approval which should be included on the front cover of the published plan and advising on publishing and publicising the plan.